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Our exceptional expertise in software development and deep understanding of development processes allow us to transform your complicated technical problems into brilliant technical solutions

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Please check out our outstanding applications, which have over 10 000 000 installs in sum. We are very proud of these products and worked hard to make them so cool. Equally we will work hard developing your product and we will make it the best product on the market, no matter if it is simple specific calculator for insurance agency or even next gen Uber taxi application.

Voice calls and meetings

We prefer to discuss all details of the further project via Skype or any other voice-enabled communication and we are discussing the project until we are sure that each critical requirement is covered. When we are clearly understand your technical problem, we are ready to start planning technical solution for you and define the project budget, terms and risks.


We use only the most recent development tools and high-end hardware. We believe that code must be beatyful no matter if nobody would see it. We work using Scrum, so you will be always notified about the project status and after each milestone you will get fresh implementation with current features done. We are very proud of our QA team, so after each development cycle we have QA iteration and then bugs fix iteration. We would never start new milestone and new features implementation if we know that there are criticial issues in the current code.

Further app evolution

We would never left you with your application alone. We are ready to provide you with the full life cycle support of your application, including any RFX changes, bug fixes or even total application redesign.

Planning the product delivery, processes

Since we love Scrum development methodology we collect all your requirements into the list of requirements and breaking it into the milestones, after each milestone you will get working product with some implemented functionality, so you can control the process of development and make sure we are going the right way. After each milestone we have QA iteration to make sure that there are no serious issues. Final product delivery date is discussed when initial milestone is done, when we have clear understanding of the risks.

Testing and publishing your app

We have a pretty good set of devices (30+) to test our code and we have really cool QA experts to find every serious issue in the application. We have zero-tolerance policy to bugs, so any issue you would find after release will be fixed for free. For app publishing, if it is necessary, we can help you to choose keywords, texts and create cool and attractive screenshots of the application.


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